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Greetings fellow Human Embodiments of THE ONE!

Welcome to my website. Here you can find out a bit about me, my books (both fiction and non-fiction), my nondual approach to entheogens, my art, music, podcasts, consultation services, and events.

Though I'm still in recovery from my personal health crisis, I'm once again available for personal Skype sessions offering Nondual Entheogenic Integration coaching and consultations. While I formerly did this for free, I've decided to make myself available on a fee basis as follows: 30 minutes, $65-80; 60 minutes, $100-130; 90 minutes, $150-180. If you'd like to schedule a session, please send me an email here and I'll be in touch about times and payment. Also, I'm not available for lengthy email exchanges of Q&A. For those with abundant questions, please arrange a Skype session.

Some general comments:

WRITINGS: All of my books are available for purchase on Amazon, Kindle, iBookstore, etc. If you would like to arrange bulk orders of my books for your venue or event, email me. If you would like any of my books, but for whatever reason cannot afford them, send me an email and we'll work it out. :)

INTERVIEWS: I have more interviews online than I can count. They are available via online magazines, websites, podcasts, YouTube channels, etc. Some are text, others audio, and some video. If you're interested, I'm sure you won't have any difficulty finding several . . .

MUSIC AND ART USES: It's always gratifying when someone would like to use some of my art or music for their own creative purposes. I'm happy to work something out with you . . .

WHAT TO READ?: If you're new to my work, I generally suggest Being Human as a good place to start. My newest books, Entheogenic Liberation is an expansion of the ideas first introduced in Being Human and is for serious self-liberators and is the most comprehensive book ever written about 5-MeO-DMT and nonduality. If you're interested in learning about my personal experiences with entheogens and nonduality, my memoir, Being Infinite is where to look. If you're in need of some original psychedelic fiction, The Solandarian Game might be the one. For general advice on living in reality, God's Handbook for Operating Human Vehicles (see art books).

PUBLISHING UPDATE: Now available as audiobooks at Being Human, Being Infinite, Entheogenic Liberation, Speaking of the Nondual, God's Handbook, and The Solandarian Game. Coming soon: Beyond Azara. To sample chapters from my audiobooks, use the player below for streaming or free download:

Below - a promo video for my newest book, Entheogenic Liberation, and another of a recent talk I gave at the Exploring Psychedelics Conference in Ashland in the spring of 2017:

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The 10th Anniversary full-color Fractal Art Edition of my 2009 book, Being Human: An Entheological Guide to God, Evolution, and the Fractal, Energetic Nature of Reality, is now available on Amazon


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