The Solandarian Game - An Entheogenic Evolution Psy-Fi Novel

The artificial intelligence, Maitreya, first came into being 150,000 years ago. Over the millennia, it has spread Terran-based life, humanity, and its avatars throughout an empty galaxy, creating the New Integral Society. Now, a supernova threatens one of Maitreya’s experimental worlds, Solandaria – the only such world that harbors the Sonoran desert toad and its powerful 5-MeO-DMT containing venom, the most profound entheogen ever discovered. Things are not what they seem, however, for someone is interfering with Maitreya’s experiment, violating the rules of the NIS. An autonomous avatar, Hydar Zor Nablisk, risks everything for the sake of the inhabitants of Solandaria by creating a duplicate of the director of the recently revived Burning Man celebration, Miranda Ash Dorán, stranding her on Black Rock City Station. Maitreya sends its personal avatar, Theo, to investigate, and the game is on.


The Solandarian Game is the latest psy-fi epic by Martin W. Ball, author of Beyond Azara and the Tales of Aurduin series. Combining speculative fiction, nondual philosophy, entheogenic experience, and provocative storytelling, The Solandarian Game presents a fascinating post-singularity future for humanity.

Beyond Azara - A Universal Love Story

On the island continent of Lur, esoteric doctrine and radical awakening clash in this dynamic tale of how two people, Jendru Amdin and Jor Alesh Melva, discover their true nature and each other amidst events that will shatter everything they thought they knew.   Jendru is soon to take his vows and become a monk in the psychedelic religion of Azara.  Jor Alesh is the ascended Alcian of Jurnda.  She’s come to the sacred pyramid temple city of Azar to observe the unexpected return of the heretical Darsulans.  Two hundred years previously, they had challenged the sacred doctrine of Azara and left the religious refuge, disappearing across the island.   It’s Seyloq Surya, a reclusive apostate, who brings Jendru and Jor Alesh together.  With this unusual man, who claims to be God, they experience a powerful new medicine, inviting them to challenge everything they’ve ever thought or believed.  In the process, they begin to discover themselves and what it means to follow their hearts and trust the infinite.  Beyond Azara is an exciting mix of nondual philosophy, entheogenic experience, sensual awakening, and engaging storytelling that pierces the veil of illusion and reveals the nature of being like nothing else you’ve read.

Tales of Aurduin - the original fantasy series

Tales of Aurduin, Volume I - Orobai's Vision

When the creature Orobai discovers an unusual jewel that transforms into a mysterious young girl, he knows that his destiny is at hand. For 23,000 years Orobai has wandered the lost forests and towering mountains of Aurduin, a mythical land created by the Illan. The sole remaining practitioner of the Altfein-Aryat, the Illan's mystical art of creation, Orobai has patiently awaited the fulfillment of his magical purpose: to heal the world of Aurduin in the aftermath of a prophesized apocalypse. Now it is a race against time as Orobai struggles to piece together the intricate puzzle of his fate, the identity of the young girl, Miraanni, and the devastating ecological sickness that is overtaking Aurduin. Join Orobai in this first volume of the Tales of Aurduin series as he seeks a vision that will reveal the terrible apocalypse that is to come.


Tales of Aurduin, Volume II - The Fate of Miraanni

Tales of Aurduin continues in this exciting second installment of the series with The Fate of Miraanni.  Orobai is missing.  The mysterious child, Miraanni, has fallen into a catatonic state, but not before inspiring a fantatical religion in her name.  Her guardian, Ashi must flee Laftandiar-Urya after receiving an ancient religious relic.  Can the Serpent King bring Miraanni back?  Will Ashi accept her role as the Miraanni's prophet, and to what end?  The pace quickens as tensions and stakes are raised in this dynamic continuation of Tales of Aurduin.



Tales of Aurduin, Volume III - The Alchemist and the Eagle

Tales of Aurduin continues in this exciting third installment of the series with The Alchemist and the Eagle. The religion of the Tal is spreading its message of the Holy Kyandara and the Mother of the Perfect Creation across the face of Aurduin. A determined group of resistance fighters is gathering in Jeaniaurduin, ready to strike out against the invading Jolao Empire. And as the Jolao ready their ultimate weapon, their leader, Rin Jao, is dreaming of a mysterious temple that houses an enigmatic egg.


Tales of Aurduin, Volume IV - The Fifth Temple

Tales of Aurduin, by Martin W. Ball, comes to a stunning conclusion in this final book of the series, the Fifth Temple. All-out war rages across Aurduin with the massive Jolao military armada engulfing Jeaniaurduin in an attempt to crush Kalzhat and the resistance. Jao and Ashi struggle to understand the mysterious forces that have brought them together as they seek to unravel the secret of the enigmatic temple and egg of Jao's dreams. Meanwhile, Orobai and Miraanni return once more to the Mwataan to bring to light Miraanni's hidden past and reveal the path to the future. Now is the time of the unfolding of Orobai's Vision across the face of Aurduin. The apocalypse comes. Everything will change.