Visionary and Fractal Art

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Below are also a few different art books I've released, which combine my original art with text.

Fractal Love Jam Song Lyrics and Fractal Art

 2017, 60 page color fractal art book, 9x6 inches

Features song lyrics from our two latest albums, with over 50 full color fractal art images


Speaking of the Nondual - Mystical Poetry and Fractal Art

 2014, 50 page color fractal art book, 8.5x6 inches

Provocative nondual poetry and stunning full color fractal art come together in this short collection of words and images to inspire and open the reader to the wonders of being.

God's Handbook for Operating Human Vehicles

Fractal Art Edition

2012, 65 page color fractal art book, 8.5x6 inches

This stunning collection of fractal art graces the unique and provocative text of "God's Handbook for Operating Human Vehicles."  Though the text has been available as a free PDF download and as part of the mini ebook, All Is One: Understanding Entheogens and Nonduality, and as a podcast episode on The Entheogenic Evolution, it is here made available as a beautiful special edition book filled with intricate artistic creations to inspire and energize the reader.  Perfect as a gift or collector's item.

Tryptamine Visions/The Process - Art Book

7.5 inch by 7.5 inch full color book, featuring the text of "The Process," from the Entheogenic Evolution Podcast. 

$15.95, plus shipping

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