Tales of Aurduin begins with Orobai's Vision . . .

When the creature Orobai discovers an unusual jewel that transforms into a mysterious young girl, he knows that his destiny is at hand. For 23,000 years Orobai has wandered the lost forests and towering mountains of Aurduin, a mythical land created by the Illan. The sole remaining practitioner of the Altfein-Aryat, the Illan's mystical art of creation, Orobai has patiently awaited the fulfillment of his magical purpose: to heal the world of Aurduin in the aftermath of a prophesized apocalypse. Now it is a race against time as Orobai struggles to piece together the intricate puzzle of his fate, the identity of the young girl, Miraanni, and the devastating ecological sickness that is overtaking Aurduin. Join Orobai in this first volume of the Tales of Aurduin series as he seeks a vision that will reveal the terrible apocalypse that is to come.

$15.95, Paperback, 270 pages

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