Overview of the Entheological Paradigm

The Basics

The Entheological Paradigm is the unique work of Martin W. Ball, Ph.D.  While it has some similarities to various religions, spiritual traditions, philosophies, and other worldviews, it is not a "belief" system and is in fact a comprehensive explanation for the fundamental, unitary, energetic nature of reality. 



The Entheological Paradigm provides unprecedented clarity into what it means to be human free from any metaphysical speculation, religious dogma, ego-generated illusion, and mythological thinking.  It can be experienced directly by anyone who is willing to undergo the process of opening to their true energy and genuine nature with the guided use of entheogenic neurotransmitters. 

The level of individual awareness and responsibility that the Entheological Paradigm  provides is unprecedented in human history as it offers a direct and immediate route for each individual to directly experience and understand him or herself as an embodiment of God.   Incomparable to any other method or technique, the Entheological Paradigm is fundamentally unique. 


All of reality, including all life and consciousness, is the manifestation of a Unitary Energy Being.  In simplest terms, everything that exists is God.  There is nothing that is not God. 

Reality, the physical universe we live in and our perception and experience of it, is what God is "doing."  Reality is an ongoing process of transformation of energy in the being that is God.  God is the only being that exists.  Reality is God's way of overcoming infinite unity: the imposition of energetic limits so that there might be multiplicity and experience.  What we experience as limitations in physical reality are necessary for the energetic system of reality to function and evolve.

All of reality is energy, in one form or another.  There is nothing that exists that is not a form of energy.  Life and Consciousness are also forms of energy. 


All energy continually transforms and interacts with other expressions of energy. 

The nature of energy and the transformations of energy are mathematical in nature.

Mathematical permutations of energy take the forms of fundamental geometry (crystalline structures, basic geometric shapes) and fractal geometry (organic and inorganic meta-structures).

Both large-scale and small-scale structures, from quantum objects to DNA and river systems are fractal expressions.

Life and consciousness are also fractal expressions of energy and exhibit fundamental geometry as expressed through habitual behaviors, thought patterns, mannerisms, belief systems, and means of personal and individual expression.

All systems and spectrums of energy are united in the Unitary Energy Being, God.  God is a fractal energy being that unifies all of reality through multiple energetic permutations of itself in infinite forms simultaneously.

Life and Consciousness

Living beings are direct embodiments of the Unitary Energy Being.  Each individual life is a unique perspective of the One Being.  Each individual is also completely autonomous and has free will to choose, within the energetic limits of reality.

God has been evolving all of reality through billions of years of energetic transformations in order to evolve increasingly complex and sophisticated bio-vehicles for it to experience reality with. 
Human self-awareness and ability is the epitome of the evolution of the universe.  It is the purpose of existence: God embodied in self-aware beings with the ability and capacity to understand their true place in existence and the physical ability to manipulate that reality and shape it according to choice.

However, humans are limited by their egos, the very function of consciousness that allows them to have true self-awareness.  In order for humans to become genuinely aware embodiments of God, they must directly experience their true infinite nature as energetic beings.  A full energetic opening coincides with ego transcendence. 

The Role of Entheogens

Entheogenic substances are necessary tools for human beings to be able to fully perceive and experience their true energetic natures.  Similar to the role of telescopes in astronomy, microscopes in microbiology and particle accelerators in quantum physics, human neurotransmitters such as DMT, and particularly 5-MeO-DMT, are necessary catalysts for human perception to fully open to energy.

Through the proper, guided and intentional use of entheogens, as outlined in the book Being Human: An Entheological Guide to God, Evolution, and the Fractal Energetic Nature of Reality, individuals can learn how to identify and accept their genuine energetic natures.

Opening to the reality of energy brings about transcendence of the ego, personal transformation, and ultimate liberation from all limiting belief systems, behavior patterns, and harmful modes of thought and action to self and others.

Entheogenic Evolution as Supra-Transcendental Evolution

Reality has moved through distinct evolutionary stages: inorganic, organic, transcendental evolution (human self-awareness and expression through religion, culture, arts, sciences, etc.), and supra-transcendental evolution (transcendence beyond belief systems and thought structures to immediate experience of fundamental reality).

Through the use of entheogens, humans have the ability to come to direct knowledge of their true energetic natures, thereby transcending all religious, cultural, speculative, and illusory concepts of reality and self-identity.

When this can be accomplished on a large-scale, human evolution will catapult into the the supra-transcendental stage where all religions, cultures, and divisive and contradictory belief systems will be transcended and human societies will enter into an unprecedented level of cooperation, unity, respect, and responsibility for the reality of our fundamental unity.

The next stage in evolution hinges on the conscious choice of individuals to let go of their illusions and resistance to the reality of being God in a body and take responsibility for who and what they truly are.  The only way for this to occur is for individuals to embrace and take responsibility for their genuine energetic natures.