Energy Work, Healing, and Self-Transformation

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Who are you? Seeking the answer to this question is the true goal of any spiritual awakening. Knowledge of the Self. Knowledge of Who You Really Are.

The simple answer, of course, is that YOU ARE GOD in embodied form. The Divine Being beats in your heart, speaks with your voice, and dances in your body. God is working through us in each and every moment.

The trouble is that the ego is confused. The ego thinks that your personality and expression is itself, when in truth, your personality is God expressing itself through the filter of your unique being. When the energy that we are is not allowed to flow as the Divine Being has intended, we encounter blocks in our lives, in our bodies, in our thoughts, in our emotions. We forget how to align ourselves with the Divine Energy that is Truly Us and we become inauthentic patterns of illusions and confusion.

I know how the Divine Energy wants to work through me. If you are ready to encounter yourself as the Divine and accelerate on your path to discovering yourself and liberating yourself from all your limitations, then I can help you.

If you would like to arrange a session with me to allow the Divine Energy to remove the blocks that impeded you most on your awakening and open your Heart to the Divine Love, then contact me now to set a day and a time for us to encounter the Divine together.

Sessions are on a sliding scale and generally run from 2 - 3 hours. No one who is serious about receiving this work will be turned away due to inability to pay and trades are welcome as well.

Blessings to you, and I look forward to serving your energetic opening and awakening.


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Here's a short video of what I call "Fractal Energetic Yoga." This is a great exercise physically and also helps get you in touch with your genuine energy. I highly recommend this for anyone who chooses to work with entheogenic medicines.


"Dear Martin - It has been such a great privilege to come and work with you and the medicine in Ashland.  I felt, when entering into the journey with you, that there was the opening of a doorway into something new - that has not really been tapped into before.  There is no other transformational work to compare it to - medicine or non-medicine based.  It is the vast trajectory of the experience that makes it stand on its own.  Your merging into this infinite filed of potential, and the directing of the energies that it offers forth is a choreography of great beauty and awe.  You are truly the shaman beyond all shamans and the alchemist beyond all alchemists.  Thank you for your demonstration and inspiration, in pushing the limits, in showing what is truly possible.  With mountains of love and fountains of light! Your light is so very bright Martin. I am very grateful that you showed up on the planet at this time." - David, spiritual travel guide

"I had a "Feather session" with Martin a while ago and it was amazing. I felt the energy flowing right away and when I would start to "Think" the feather would graze my face, as if to let me know to let go of my thoughts and just feel the energy. The Feather seemed to cross my body in infinity signs and I could feel good energy running through my body. I remember making MMMMMMMM sounds, like eating a great cookie. Letting go of thought seemed to be the key for me. I was able to let the energy show me where most of my resistance lies. I so much appreciate working with Martin and the Feather." - Eric, carpenter

"I have had several very powerful healing sessions with Martin Ball. When I first met Martin, I was dealing with some severely stuck energy patterns that had me really dwindling away with my health and my outlook on life. Martin used a number of techniques to blast into those stagnant areas so that I could get myself back on track and get my life energy moving again. Over time I have noticed that Martin seems to be a catalyst for all kinds of growth and movement. He is filled with gifts and talents that he is able to draw from in order to really make shifts happen. I highly recommend working with Martin in these times that can feel so overwhelming. I found him to be truly shamanic in his ways of healing, and that has really worked for me." - Natalya, artist

"Martin assisted me in my first exploration of the salvia divinorum kingdom. At all times I felt safe and supported. His presence at deeper levels was sometimes powerful and palpable, and at other times sublimely transparent. The overall experience was indeed enhanced by his participation. When its time for journeys of discovery and adventures in consciousness, Martin is the man to have by your side." - Jerry, graphic artist

"I feel more connected and integrated than I have in a LONG time. My session evoked a sense of connection that I am savoring." Ms. Imani, personal assistant to Alex and Allyson Grey at


"I wish to say 'thank you' in the most infinite sense... a fractal paradox that leaves the mind grasping for word metaphors that could adequately express the magnitude. There are none sufficient.


The gratitude I express comes from the heart.



I just finished reading 'Being Human' and am sure that I will be turning over many of your concepts in the days and weeks to come. It is a powerful integration tool. I am also thankful for you being you, and writing this as a pure expression of your you-ness... breathing it in to the I-ness... ahhhh...." B.M.B., ayahuasquero

"Words seems so cumbersome right now, but I did want to reach out and thank you and Jessalynn for one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Thank you for the safe space in order to have this experience.  I did feel supported and allowed to be myself…a rare combination in itself.
When I got home, I have to admit I was a bit nervous about having an “experience” without you and your support. “What if I don’t come back this time”, my ego would scare me…….but I had a wonderful and spontaneous experience last night that quieted my ego today.  Amazing!!!!!! My body and hands pulsate to a new vibration today. I am in awe of this consciousness!" Theresa, chiropractor and healer

"Martin! Thank you so much for your encouraging words on the telephone today. As I meet people who can use your service I will pass your name along to them. You are as sincere on the telephone as you are in your videos. I look forward to reading you book as well. Again, Thank You Martin." Love and Light, David in San Diego