Symmetry, Entheogens and Genuine Energy


Who are you? Seeking the answer to this question is the true goal of any spiritual awakening. Knowledge of the Self. Knowledge of Who You Really Are.

The simple answer, of course, is that YOU ARE GOD in embodied form. The Divine Being beats in your heart, speaks with your voice, and dances in your body.  There is only One True Being - a being of infinite energy - that manifests as all of us and all that we experience.

The trouble is that the ego is confused. The ego thinks that your personality and expression is itself, when in truth, your personality is God expressing itself through the filter of your unique being. When the energy that we are is not allowed to flow as the Divine Being has intended, we encounter blocks in our lives, in our bodies, in our thoughts, in our emotions. We forget how to align ourselves with the Divine Energy that is Truly Us and we become inauthentic patterns of illusions and confusion.

An amazingly effective method for transcending the energetic constructs of the ego and directly embodying your genuine energy is to use the body symmetrically.  The video below demonstrates spontaneous movements I discovered through entheogenic work and is offered here to help others learn how to move with their authentic energy and explore themselves outsides the confines of their egos.  These movements can be done as an exercise for balance, strength, and free-flowing energy, and can also be used in entheogenic sessions.  Remember: Stay Symmetrical!

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