Welcome fellow Human Beings!

This is the internet home of the Entheological Paradigm, a Grand Unified Description of Reality that accounts for the most sophisticated scientific discoveries, the most sublime mystical states of consciousness, and the true nature of all that lies in between.  In short, it is a description of everything.  But it is much more than a description: it is also a clear guide to personal liberation and self-transcendence.  The Entheological Paradigm is a map of all of reality and your personal path to freedom, true responsibility, and ultimate human happiness.

This is the system of knowledge and self-transformation that humanity has been waiting for but has never been able to clearly articulate or understand . . . until now.  On this site, you'll find a detailed account of the Entheological Pardigm, the role of entheogens in human awakening and ego-transcendence, and numerous resources for you to explore in the forms of book, videos, and more.

The Entheological Paradigm is the work of Martin W. Ball, Ph.D., who, as a result of his own personal awakening and transformation, largely facilitated through the exploration of 5-MeO-DMT and Ayahuasca, has taken to articulating this fundamentally unique understanding of the nature of reality and being.  Dissatisfied with traditional accounts as expressed the world's mystical and nondual traditions, Martin first began developing the Entheological Paradigm in the months following his transformation in the Spring of 2009 in the form of his book, Being Human: An Entheological Guide to God, Evolution, and the Fractal, Energetic Nature of Reality.  Since then, he has been exploring new ways to bring the Entheological Paradigm to those who desire to understand the nature of reality, with this site being one such medium. 

As you explore these materials, keep an open mind, and know that the ego is quick to react to knowledge that does not conform to it's pre-exisiting views.  Much of the material here is provocative and challenging.  If you are dedicated to truth, you'll find this information invaluable, and it could possibly transform your entire worldview.  So relax, take a deep breath, and let the truth be known . . .

All space images courtesy of astrophysics, optics, the Hubble telescope, and the human drive and ability to discover the truth about the universe that we live in.