Understanding Fundamental Reality

The key concept of the Entheological Paradigm is that of "energy."  Everything that exists is a form of energy.  While many religions and spiritual traditions make similar, if not identical claims, empirical, physical and mathematical sciences have done a superior job in producing genuine, culture-free knowledge of reality and the true nature of energetic systems.  This is due to the scientific emphasis on measurement and observation.  Reality is made out of math, and all expressions of energy have mathematical qualities.  When given shape in space and time, these mathematical permutations of energy evolve into fractal forms, constituting the perceivable universe.

Energetic systems are fractal systems.  Fractal mathematics can describe everything from quantum physics to the shape of DNA, the branches on a tree, the veins in our bodies, the rivers that cross the land, the clouds that grace the sky, to the vast forms of cosmic gas that float through space. 

All of reality is one vast, infinitely complex, energetic system.

A Living Universe

Yet is it not just a "dead," "physical" system.  While the Entheological Paradigm is largely in agreement with the empirical, physical, and mathematical sciences, it is far more encompassing in its scope of energetic reality.  Grand Unified Theories in physics, for example, have no account or explanation for the existence of life and consciousness in a supposedly purely "physical" system.  The Entheological Paradigm is a true Grand Unified Theory for it accepts the unique energy of life and consciousness as not being a mysterious "by-product" of the universe, but rather as a fundamental energy of reality.  In short, reality is itself a conscious, self-aware, living being.  That being is God: The Unitary Energy Being.  That being replicates itself in countless energetic forms simultaneously and is the very life and consciousness that finds expression in each individual living being.  God is the very energy of existence and life itself.

God is a Fractal Energy Being that continually replicates itself through evolution within a universe of its own creation in order for there to be a genuine arena in which the exercise of free will, or conscious choice, by autonomous individuals, is an experiential reality.

Enactment of choice is an expression of energy.  Choices that align with the true energy of reality are harmonious.  Choices that are out of alignment with true reality (choices based on illusions or false beliefs) cause suffering as there is resistance between the agent making the choice and the genuine energy of reality.  Religious beliefs are almost universally out of alignment with genuine energetic reality in that they posit numerous imaginary constructs: souls, an afterlife, reincarnation, etc.  Choices based on religious beliefs are therefore almost always trapped in egoic constructs that are fundamentally untrue.

The Human Energetic System

In the simplest terms, a human being is a perfect bio-vehicle for God to enjoy reality in.  Through the evolution of living beings over countless eons, the Unitary Energy Being that is reality has been developing more and more sophisticated bio-vehicles.  This is the nature of energetic evolution: systems become more complex and sophisticated over time.   Energetic systems are expressions of interlacing mathematical patterns that build on earlier transformations of energy. 

As an energetic system, the evolution of life has reached an energetic breakthrough in humanity: bio-vehicles with sufficiently sophisticated nervous systems and the mental capacity to become self-aware (something largely lacking from the rest of biological life).  Thus the evolutionary energetic construct of the ego developed in human consciousness to facilitate the process of awakening to self-awareness.

The ego, however, is ultimately an illusory construct.  Given that all life and reality is, in truth, one, the egoic perspective of being an individual being among others in a universe that is fundamentally separate from the self is a sophisticated illusion.  It is necessary for the evolution of self-awareness, but it is still an illusion.

When the ego is transcended through energetic opening to ones true nature, reality can be directly experienced as one, interconnected, vastly complex, living being.   The surprise for the ego is that YOU ARE THAT BEING.  There is no separation - only the illusion of separation.

The inevitable conclusion, the simple truth that all humans must simply accept, is that each individual is God.  We are all one being, multiplied out into innumerable autonomous versions of itself.

As bio-vehicles for God, humans have three primary energy centers that power their vehicle directly from source.  These three centers are consciousness as physically manifested through the brain, sensory organs, and nervous system, life energy/love as manifested through the heart, lungs, and vascular system, and the energy of creation as manifested through the sexual organs and gonads and as given greatest expression in procreation.

As individual vehicles, humans also have the energy center of their central core, which is comprised of the throat and stomach/digestive tract.  Our throat is our energetic input/output mechanism that allows us to intake from reality (food and nourishment) as well as express ourselves and our minds through sound, expression, and language.  What we do with our input/output mechanism affects the digestive tract and influences how we are processing reality. 

How we choose to think, feel, love, act, and express ourselves is our engagement with the energy that is our life.  When our choices are energetically in alignment with reality, we live in harmony and truth.  When our choices are out of alignment, we feel energetically disturbed.  We feel fearful, judgmental, irrational, jealous, cynical, hopeless, hated and hateful.