Belief Systems

Liberation Through Unknowing

The Entheological Paradigm, while embracing and promoting a highly-revised and innovative understanding of God, is largely at odds with both traditional and New Age religious and spiritual views.  Mystics have claimed throughout the ages that God is one, is within each individual and is, in some mystical sense, reality.  Yet these insights have been obscured and wrapped in mystification, ritual, symbolism, and religious beliefs and cultural systems of identity.  Unlike any other description of reality, The Entheological Paradigm is a work of systematic clarity with no mystification or positing of unseen realities. 

The Entheological Paradigm therefore promotes "liberation through unknowning."  Ultimately, all religious and spiritual beliefs are impediments to directly experiencing the fundamental energetic nature of reality in the present moment.  All limiting and illusory beliefs must be transcended in order for reality to be experienced with clarity, liberated from all self-generated and ego-produced confusion. 

The truth is that each individual living being is a direct embodiment of God, the Unitary Energy Being that is the source of all the energy in existence.  Humans, as living beings, are unique expressions and embodiments of God for the fact that humans have self-awareness and egos - something that is largely absent in other living beings, with some rudimentary exceptions for apes and cetaceans.  Because of this fact, humans have a unique capacity to awaken to their true identities as embodiments of the infinite energy being that is reality.  To do so, they must learn how to energetically transcend their egos into full, infinite self-awareness through the guided use of entheogens.

Unlike most religious and spiritual traditions, The Entheological Paradigm promotes the distinct view that "this is it!"  Reality, as we experience it as embodied beings in a "physical" universe is what is "real."  There is nothing "beyond."  Simply put, this is it.  What we see is what we get.

Also unlike most religious and spiritual traditions, The Entheological Paradigm concludes that there are no intermediary realms, entities, or metaphysical energies between living beings and God: Living beings are God directly in embodied form.  In the case of humans, it is only the limiting energetic constructs of egoic-beliefs and projections that separate humans from awareness and acceptance of their true natures as embodiments of God. 

The Entheological Paradigm promotes radical non-dualism.  There is no separation.  Any perception or experience of separation is self-generated and ultimately illusory. 

Unsupported Religious Views

The following speculative/experiential religious and spiritual concepts are entirely rejected within the Entheological Paradigm as they are incompatible with true, radical non-dualism and a comprehensive energetic understanding of the nature of reality:

  • Spirits

  • Souls

  • Past Lives

  • Reincarnation

  • Afterlife

  • Karma

  • Astral Realms

  • Angels

  • Dis-incarnate Entities

  • Heaven

  • Hell

  • Divine Judgment/Punishment/Reward

  • Spirit Realms

  • Alternate Realms or Dimensions

  • Subtle Energies

  • Chakras

  • Astral Projection

  • Out of Body Experiences

  • Ritual

  • Prayer

  • Magical Acts or Thinking

  • Purification

  • Worship

  • Penentance

  • Salvation

  • Moksha

  • Nirvana

  • Soul Ascension

  • Sacrifice

  • Moral or Ethical Systems

  • Prophecy

  • Revelation

  • Astrology

  • Fortune Telling

  • Shamanism

  • Mediumship

  • Channeling

  • Possession

  • Demons

The Basic Truth:

The logic of the Entheological Paradigm is quite simple: God is a unitary energy being that is all of reality.  The only thing that separates humans from their direct experience and acceptance of themselves as God is the energetic limitations created by their belief systems, which in turn influence the choices individuals make, how they choose to express themselves, and how they relate to the genuine and authentic energy that gives them life, awareness, experience, and being.

    While religions and spiritual traditions have taught methods to transcend the ego, these methods have consistently been wrapped within ego-generated illusions of metaphysical realities, invisible spirits and energies, and numerous other wild and unsupported speculations such as the list given above.  These beliefs separate individuals from their immediate energetic reality.  Even when providing some extent of ego-transcendence, the belief systems themselves provide ample opportunity for egos to stay attached to illusions and cultural constructs, helping them to shape their identities and sense of self.  Religions, at best, provide an expanded sense of self, but it is still limited from true energetic reality.

    The only truly effective method for both transcending all belief systems as well as simultaneously opening an individual's ability to perceive and experience energy, the fundamental nature of reality, is the careful, guided, and intentional use of entheogens, especially 5-MeO-DMT, a natural neurotransmitter found in every mammal and every human being.