The Fruits

Liberation for All

The fruits of doing the work to open to ones energy and true nature with entheogens are many.  In truth, it is nothing short of genuine human liberation.  In the most practical terms, when one has learned how to recognize and accept ones true energy and transcend the ego, then an individual can simply be him or herself, fully, completely, and authentically.  

This is the ultimate goal of the Entheological Paradigm: helping people become themselves in their genuine, fully energetically open form.  The goal is to be fully human.

As surprising as it may seem, people are honestly confused about what it means to be human, and are especially confused about what it means to truly be themselves.  This is for a variety of reasons, but much of the problem boils down to culture, identity, and belief systems.  All humans are born into a family, culture, ethnic group, religion, tradition, and other systems of belief, practice, and worldviews.  Individuals are shaped by the context in which they find themselves.  All belief systems, however, are constructs of culture, as are the behavior patterns that grow from these belief systems. 

Constructs, while communicative, meaningful, and shared among collections of individuals to produce group affirmation of experience and interpretation, are not necessarily reality.  They are constructs.  The difference between reality and a construct is that reality is how things are, not how they might be, nor how they might be otherwise.  Culture is always "how things might be otherwise," for another culture, religion, or tradition, could always "do it differently" and have completely contradictory values, beliefs, and understandings.  Genuine, True Reality is made of limits that must be accepted because we cannot choose for things to be otherwise.  Cultures, by contrast, are largely collections of relative choices.

Any human being could potentially be raised in any religion, culture, or identity group.  Anyone can potentially take on the beliefs, experiences, and patterns of any system.  The human potential for variety is infinite.  Each system presents options for choices and evaluations for human action and thought.  Each system has its own version of what it means to be human, and also what it means to be a good or bad, successful or unsuccessful, human.  Yet virtually all such constructs are relative.  They are not fundamentally true.  For this reason, culture (religion, tradition, belief system) is inherently limiting for any given individual as it arbitrarily limits the individual's true, infinite nature.  To accomplish this, the culture or tradition needs to convince the ego to internalize the beliefs, values, and systems of thought and practice, thereby shaping the identity of the individual.  The effect is universal and comprehensive: confused, self-limiting individuals who cause their own unnecessary suffering and bring suffering to others, especially those who are considered "not us" or "other."

Liberation into the true energetic nature of the self and ones being through entheogens bypasses all cultural constructs and belief systems, particularly at high levels of energetic opening and experience.  It is immediate experience that transcends all imposed limits that have been accepted by the ego.  It is the complete transcendence of egoic identity. 

Encounters with the True Self

Through practice while in an open energetic state, individuals learn how to recognize and accept their genuine energy, liberated from the constructs of culture, tradition, and belief systems.  It is this experience that allows an individual to perceive genuine truth, unencumbered by arbitrary limitations.  The individual learns to recognize the truth of the energy of his or her being in the present moment.  Freed from all projections and ego games, the moment of now unfolds into infinity, revealing the unity of all things.

Recognition of the unified nature of reality and the center of the self is the beginning of trust.  Trust brings about greater relaxation, confidence, and enjoyment of life and all moments.  The present moment becomes the true focus of ones attention and life, for it is here, now, in this very moment that the energy of your life is continually transforming and responding to all the energies around it.  You see how your choices, every choice, in every moment, guide the unfolding of your life.  Living in honesty, truth, and all that is genuine and real becomes the foremost concern in ones life.  Being present.  Being here.  Being human.  Being yourself.

In the end, this is the only purpose of existence: for each individual to fully and completely be him or herself.  Human beings, because we are so thoroughly cultural animals, have the greatest difficulty in discovering and trusting in who we truly are.  The meta-structures of culture, tradition, religion, and belief systems have provided for continuity of societies and ways of life, but the time has now come where humans are ready to transcend the arbitrary limits they have placed on themselves.  The time has come for people to truly be who they are: Full embodiments of God, with infinite potential to live harmoniously and gloriously in reality.  None of us need to be saved.  None of us need to escape the wheel of rebirth.  None of us need to purify ourselves.  None of us need to deny who or what we truly are for imaginary egoic projections and illusions.  We only need to be ourselves fully, in every moment, and live with each other in the honest recognition of reality.

Liberation into Truth and Reality

Humanity has been in its infancy.  Cultures have told themselves countless stories about themselves and the universe, giving meaning to their existence and satisfying our true desire to know and understand.  Through altered states of consciousness, humans have always experienced the fantastical, otherworldly, the terrifying and the sublime.  Yet when genuine empirical investigations into nature revealed no such genuine realities, the Divine Imagination was exposed for what it is: an imaginative experience.  Complex, paradoxical, beyond "normal" human imagination, but imagination, nevertheless.  A sophisticated way humanity has been interacting with itself as both perceiver and that which is perceived.

Now humanity has found a method to reach genuine consensus about the nature of reality through empirical, mathematical, sciences.  Particle physics and astrophysics are genuine knowledge about the energetic structures and systems of reality.  There are no angels, divine beings, or ascended masters out there: just infinite amounts of energy.  It doesn't take a ritual or a prayer to log onto the internet or make your computer work.  You don't have to "believe" in technology for it to work because it is based on knowledge that is true: precise, mathematical knowledge of energy and energetic systems.

And when we look within, with clarity and honesty, we find that there is only the "I."  And what is that "I" that flows in a torrent of infinite energy that unites and unifies all things in one vast, interconnected network of energy?  If there is nothing between you and that infinite energetic, then all separation is merely illusion.

It is you.  It is I.  It is God.

To be God is to be liberated from all ego games of illusion and suffering.  It is to live in truth and accept the full reality of ones life. 

And the reality is that from this perspective, you are a human life, a human being.  You are God, but you are also God as embodied in a human bio-vehicle.  Only you can liberate yourself into genuine awareness of who and what you are.  The responsibility is 100% yours and yours alone. 

Human life is short.  The time each individual has is limited.  True liberation awaits YOU.  NOW.